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SEA Meets Stakeholders!

11 Jul 2019 8:03 AM | Romina Marazzato Sparano (Administrator)

SEA representatives have been meeting with stakeholders to advocate for the profession since our founding in late 2018.

We connect with those who use and need our members’ services to let them know what SEA members can offer. At the same time, we learn what users need and can use this information to better serve our members.

In October of 2018, Helen Eby, SEA President, visited Washington DC., where she met with representatives of the Federal Government. What was their reaction to SEA?

  • ·       They welcomed the association.
  • ·       Some informed her that they are advocating for regulations requiring that both translating and editing be done by professionals "certified at the highest possible level."
  • ·       Helen explained that a Spanish editor reviews a document after the translation is finished and may add missing information, omit irrelevant material, clarify complicated text, include visual aids such as charts and tables, and generally make sure the text is appropriate for the target audience.  
  • ·       They wished these services were available in other languages.
  • ·       They seemed willing to facilitate that staff in charge of writing documents in Spanish join our association, so they could have a forum to discuss issues related to Spanish writing in the United States. (SEA welcomes Spanish editors working in a wide variety of settings.)
  • ·       They were interested to hear that the support of a Spanish editor could be available for those who work on websites in Spanish to avoid wrong link references, inconsistent capitalization styles, and other issues that drive traffic away. Helen recommended that those tasked with working on the Spanish version of websites have some basic Spanish editing skills enabling them to recognize these issues. She added that working editors interested in improving their skills would find a warm welcome at SEA.

In March of 2019, SEA was present at the 2019 Health Literacy Conference in Portland, Oregon, organized by Legacy Health. Those present made the following comments:

  • ·       “Finally we have the resources we need to launch our Spanish project! We were hesitant to launch the Spanish version of a training because it is important to get it right.”
  • ·       “I am seeing translations that are downright dangerous for patients at my hospital. I’m glad to see an association of Spanish editors that can help with this!”
  • ·       “Let me check that directory. I need someone with these qualifications. Yep! Found them! You have two of them! Good.”
  • ·       “You have guidelines for editing? That is fantastic! And a style guide? Wonderful! This is truly a professional association!”

What stakeholders should SEA visit next? Wtite to us with your ideas!

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