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What does a Spanish Editor do?

24 Sep 2018 7:40 AM | Anonymous

Summary of the Spanish version of Professional Principles of Spanish Text Proofreading and Editing

by MarĂ­a Brau

SEA members are qualified to provide an array of services ensuring that the form and content of Spanish language texts meet generally accepted publication standards for both print and digital media.

Specific services include:

1. Correct grammar and/or spelling errors;

2. Improve style, cohesion, and organization;

3. Verify information is both accurate and pertinent;

4. Authenticate quotes and supporting references;

5. Check legal and ethical issues that may impact the publication;

6. If the text is a translation, confirm it is equivalent to the source text and, if not, proceed with the necessary revisions.

Because SEA members are familiar with the publication process, they can also assist through the various stages of the project. In general, they will avoid recommending superfluous edits and function as members of the team.

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